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here is a huge opportunity building up and selling Amazon FBA businesses right now. Many more are being listed on mainstream marketplaces such as (who recently wrote this excellent guide on the FBA business model) and there is even a dedicated FBA broker.

There is also a big risk with only having Amazon as your only sales channel and traffic source and many FBA businesses are looking to diversify through building their own shopify stores and funnels.

The issue with Amazon is that they own your customers. Sure you can follow up by messaging people who purchased your product through the platform but you can’t market to them and build you own list.

It’s a good idea to diversify traffic sources and build your own list. It doesn’t make sense to send traffic straight to your Amazon page as you can’t measure the effectiveness of your ad spend as obviously cannot put conversion tracking code on Amazon.

What you can do is create a marketing funnel that builds a customer list, increases your sales velocity on Amazon and generates product reviews on your listing. All of this increases the likelihood of your product being found by other people.

You can do this through offering an Amazon Coupon Funnel which offers a discount in exchange for their email and a product review.

The funnel stacks up like this:

Facebook > Coupon Optin > Instruction Page > Amazon Product Page > Follow up for review

You are then able to follow up with people through:

  1. A Facebook retargeting pixel on the coupon optin page to target those who didn’t hit the conversion pixel on the offer page
  2. Your autoresponder with content and offers to your other products.

Be careful with those promotion codes – make sure you limit use to one redemption per customer buyer accoun and make sure they do not show on the product detail page like what happened to one guy who lost $45k in a day

Claim Your Free Amazon Coupon Funnel


Claim Your Free Amazon Coupon Funnel

Amazon PPC Funnel

We’ve just created a new AMZ optin funnel that will work great for PPC where you’re sending external traffic from Facebook to your listing to increase sales velocity through cheap clicks. The funnel enables you to capture your customer’s email before they head to Amazon where you will never receive their email!

Claim Your Free Amazon PPC Funnel
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