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We recently sold our test shopify store (on empireflippers.com) that we built an upsell funnel as documented in this post where we dropped customers into the shopify checkout with the products they selected (using permalinks to preload the cart).

This was a hack as back in November 2015 there was no way to take a purchase and then push customer data taken within Clickfunnels into Shopify.

Fast forward to July 2016 and Clickfunnels announces an integration with Zapier that allows you to send that customer into the Shopify dashboard – we wrote a recent post on the latest developments with shopify sales funnels.

As such our shopify funnel template has been popular with Shopify stores as finally there’s a way to build beautiful landing / offer pages, take payment, upsell and push that customer into Shopify. One store in the pet niche who we mentioned in detail at the end of this blog post ran with a free plus shipping offer that generated a 40% conversion rate- take that typical 2% shoppify product page conversion rate!

Increased front end conversions combined with an average 21% conversion rate on upsells we have seen means that you will massively increase Average Order Value and ROI from ad spend.

So what does this Perfect Shopify Funnel Template look like you may be asking? Check out our free plus shipping Rolex offer into a Porsche upsell below!

Shopify offer page

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 13.28.11

You can check out the full offer page here.

Shopify free plus shipping order page

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 14.27.30

Here’s the link to the order form that will push customers into shopify.

Shoppify Upsell Page

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 14.39.28

And this is the link to the upsell page template.

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Richard Patey

Writer for Funnel Engine

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Mario - November 19, 2016

Hi, I downloaded the funnel to my account (rolex + 911 upsell), however I don’t understand how it relates to the shopify store when All steps are inside clickfunnels.

BTW I just sent an invite to join the FB group. Loving the content 🙂

Philip Mboya - November 22, 2016

Hi Richard,

I downloaded the funnels but I would also like to have it setup for me. How do I go about this? I would also like to join the membership site. Is your discount offer still available?



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